Experienced Crane Rental in Vaughan, ON

When your business needs heavy lifting done, don’t try to handle the heavy machinery yourself. To stay safe, hire Belder Crane Rentals for a professional and experienced crane rental in Vaughan, ON. We make sure to get your equipment and materials where they need to be safely and in a punctual manner. 

Our Crane Rental Services

Here at Belder Crane Rentals, we understand how important quality work is for your business. Whether you need to install a new roof or hoist a new HVAC system to the top of a commercial property, we make sure you have a crane rental you can rely on.

With our range of equipment, we have whatever you need, including:

  • A boom truck with a 27-ton capacity, spread bars, and personnel baskets
  • Rough terrain cranes with a 40-ton capacity and 140 feet of reach

No matter what you stand in need of, give us a call.

Our Promise

Our goal is to make our services as affordable as possible. So we ensure that we have competitive prices for our customers. When you hire us, you get the highest level of skill and professionalism without breaking your budget. 

 Give us a call today at 519-942-5328 to get help for your project in Vaughan, ON.