Crane Rental Company in Brampton

Cranes are an integral part of almost any type of construction. Here at Belder Crane Rentals, we understand that fact, so we’re proud to offer rentals for both boom truck and rough terrain crane rental in Brampton. With over 46 years of experience in heavy construction, you can trust us to provide only the highest quality equipment and operators for your next construction project.

Why Choose Us

We have almost half a century of experience specializing in steel erecting, rigging, welding, and crane operation. Our operators are fully 339A licensed and our crane rental services are Workplace Safety & Insurance Board insured. We know how to keep you safe and get the job done right.

Our boom truck features a 27 ton capacity arm, spreaders bars for stability, personnel baskets, and lights for night work. Our rough terrain cranes feature an astonishing 40 ton capacity and 140 feet of boom, ensuring that it can handle even the biggest construction projects.

Next time you have a heavy construction project that requires the use of a crane, contact Belder Crane Rentals. We are a reputable and trusted crane rental company in Brampton, and we’re happy to provide the right equipment and operators for any project.